Cleaning Hand Shield

Cleaning Hand Shield - TEROF

Cleaning Hand Shield

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Whether you are a utility helper or a regular housekeeper, our cleaning hand shield will help you conveniently, safely and quickly do the job done. It is made up of high-quality rubber material that protects you from direct contact with filth, dirt, and acidic detergents.

  • These household gloves look premium and feels comfortable. It is great for daily use.
  • The high-quality PVC material is soft, comfortable and without odor coming from toxic chemicals or ingredients.
  • The embossed and engraved non-slip design provides friction, preventing ceramics, metals, glasses, and other materials from slipping from your gloved hands.
  • It is easy to wear and dispose of.
  • The design, cuff, and built are all premium.
  • It comes in multiple design and size variations
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and all European Union Countries.
  • Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery to the rest of the world.


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